ServiceNow Cloud Management

As the demand for cloud grows, so does the complexity to manage and control cloud sprawl. To meet these challenges, IT leaders need to take a platform approach across their public and private clouds—one that preserves the advantages of multi‑cloud flexibility, while giving them complete visibility and control to achieve service level goals and manage their costs. Learn how to prevent cloud sprawl and control complexity across all your public and private clouds with the latest innovations in operations management by ServiceNow

Benefits to Your Enterprise

  • Employing a platform approach to public and private cloud management
  • Simplifying the user experience through self‑service
  • Governing cloud resources and lowering risks
  • The value of collective cloud cost management

Analyst Report

Cloud Management

Launching products quickly is vital to employee productivity, but provisioning cloud resources too quickly can lead to virtual machine (VM) sprawl, unmanaged resources, and out‑of‑control costs. Growing demand for cloud resources further increases management complexity.

IT needs to monitor resource allocation and budget, without slowing innovation. ServiceNow® Cloud Management solves the challenge of cloud complexity and sprawl by extending the service management approach to the public and private cloud—making it easy to manage and control all your cloud resources