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Innovate Today

Your IT department is responsible for providing the enterprise with technology to help it grow and compete. Expectations from CEOs and CFOs are high and growing. But your department efforts and time is often consumed with maintaining break/fix issues and legacy applications and technologies. Instead of driving being an engine for growth, IT finds itself expending its valuable resources and efforts just to maintain outdated and challenging systems. What you want to do is to consolidate the technology infrastructure,
drive enterprise efficiency and find ways to help the company’s competitive advantage. To meet these needs, legacy applications, both custom-built and packaged, which are now outdated, inadequate and expensive to maintain must go.

Unikomm has helped many organizations streamline, simplify, and document their business services. Using ServiceNow Service Automation Platform, we can empowers IT to bring consolidation, automation and a consumerized user experience to the enterprise, within and beyond IT. ServiceNow platform is also well suited for building custom applications that automate unstructured work processes, fulfill requests through self-service interfaces and consolidate disparate legacy applications onto a platform with a single system of record.

Why Service Automation?

  • Consistent Service Delivery.
  • Reduce Human Errors
  • Flexible and customized service model
  • Enhanced Business Agility
  • In Depth Reporting and Performance Analysis
  • Kick-start Corporate Innovation

Examples of Automated Processes:

  • Password Reset for End Users.
  • Employee Onboarding/Offboarding
  • Troubleshooting (reboots, reset service)
  • VM provisioning
  • Software distribution
  • Active Directory Management
  • Any process using Powershell, SSH, or Web Services

How We Do it

Using a library of pre-defined process packs and Point-and-click design tools to create powerful workflows, Unikomm can automate and integrate processes with service catalog integration to automate request and delivery. We can also build automatic documentation and audit history throughout IT. Your team will be able to provision public (AWS) or private clouds in minutes and optimize usage through the entire cloud lifecycle.