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ServiceNow HR Automation

ServiceNow HR Service Management streamlines and improves HR service delivery by offering a consumer‑like self‑service portal to employees along with out‑of‑the‑box request and fulfill process automation. An HR service catalog presents employees with pre‑defined services such as benefits or employee relations items. Once requests are submitted through the HR service catalog, cases are automatically assigned to a designated human resources specialist or team for fulfillment. Integrated reporting provides insight into volume, types of requests, and individual workloads so that HR management can align services and resources, and identify opportunities to improve both services and HR operations.

HR Benefits to Your Enterprise

HR fields requests ranging from simple time‑off questions to on‑boarding and off‑boarding employees or handling complaints. Unfortunately, many HR case management tools lack true workflow or are too complex to easily use, so these requests are instead often managed manually using email and phone. This not only adversely effects the quality of service delivery, it also restricts audit ability, tracking, and real‑time reporting. As a result, it can be difficult for HR management to understand, measure, or report back on HR performance and its impact on the business.

Analyst Report

Modernizing HR Service Delivery for the Digital Workforce

Your workforce is becoming more global, social, and mobile. They expect a consumer ‑ like service experience when interacting with HR. However, traditional HR service delivery models have failed to meet the expectations of a digital workforce. Download this report to read Gartner’s recommendations for HR and IT leaders investing in modernizing their HR service delivery technologies and processes.

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  • Standardize HR request processes by providing employees with a self‑service portal ‑ an HR “storefront” for the business
  • Improve HR responsiveness by automating and routing employee requests to the right specialists, the first time
  • Mitigate risk of human error by automating requests that are typically managed through unstructured methods like email or phone
  • Deliver 24×7 access to HR self‑service portal, complete with a knowledge base, reducing inquiries and the costs of HR
  • Automation will help you grow the business without adding overhead costs
  • In Depth Reporting for senior management
  • Better understand the volume and types of requests handled by HR
  • Evaluate HR resource utilization to drive staffing efficiencies and improve service levels
  • Know which services are costing you the most. Improve and redesign.