At Unikomm, we strive to improve service operations performance in IT, network, and data center environments. Our team bring forward more than 15 years of experience in managing large and complex implementations. Unikomm IT & Network Infrastructure Management services allows you to improve performance, reduce costs, and implement SLA across your entire IT environment. Powered by ServiceNow world class ITSM solutions, we are able to address the most challenging problems facing CIOs today.

Why Choose us?

  • ITSM focused Expertise. We do nothing Else.
  • The first and most experienced ServiceNow Partner in Saudi
  • Flexible and customized service model
  • Great references
  • Presence in 24 Saudi Cities
  • The best technical and project management team

Core Services

IT Service Automation

Unikomm ITSM experts can help you improve your IT efficiency and performance by reducing human involvement in your critical and routine IT processes. Using advanced technology from ServiceNow, we can help you automate many processes, simplify operations, and reduce costs .

ITSM Consulting Services

Our consulting services range from a simple audit of an IT process all the way to designing and building a shared service center for a global organization.

IT Operations & Outsourcing Services

Companies today depend on IT like never before. An employee who does not have access to his email, laptop, or printing will not be able to fulfill his basic daily tasks. Unikomm provide SLA based services to manage Desktops, Network, or DC with strict adherence to ITIL standards.

ITSM Implementation Services

With one of the largest certified ServiceNow team in the Middle East, Unikomm can help new clients deploy ServiceNow technology very quickly. We can also help existing ServiceNow clients move to the next stage.