The Market leader

Since 2004, ServiceNow has been a leader in SaaS based ITSM solutions. However, the company today is far more than a provider of a cloud based service desk. With solutions to address the service delivery needs of ant department within the enterprise, ServiceNow is a true provider of Enterprise Relations Management and Unikomm is very proud to be their first and leading partner in Saudi Arabia.

The End of No. The Beginning of Now

More than 2000 of the world leading enterprise clients, ServiceNow has dramatically changed the business of IT and altered the business lives of those who touch IT every day. Why?

A single system of record for IT, single architecture, robust suite of IT applications, custom application development platform, expert services, and a highly engaged and active user community set ServiceNow apart from any other enterprise software vendor. Here is why Global 2000 companies choose ServiceNow:


Single system of record for IT

One source of “truth” that everybody in IT consults, interacts with and reports on


Single cloud platform

One user interface, one code base and one data model housed in the cloud for easy, automated upgrades


Robust suite of IT applications

Developed specifically for automating IT services, these applications enable executives to better manage the business of IT


Custom application development

Non-technical IT personnel or technically-savvy developers can rapidly modify ServiceNow apps or create new apps


Enterprise cloud infrastructure

Designed for the demands of large enterprises in terms of scale and resilience, as well as unique, highly tailored industry and customer requirements


Lights-out, zero-touch automation

Increases efficiency for a wide range of IT disciplines, including cloud and virtualization lifecycle management, change orchestration, infrastructure discovery and governance, all powered by a single workflow engine


Powerful business intelligence and reporting

Delivers complete visibility into the service performance of IT capabilities, including hundreds of crowd-sourced Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), benchmarking and executive dashboards


Accelerate time-to-value

Expert services provide ready access to highly skilled professional services, training and support teams


Highly active user community

Dedicated peer support engagement programs including annual user conferences, local user groups, special interest groups, online forums and blogs, and a crowd-sourced KPI Library, facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing

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